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Welcome to our one-stop shop for premium HZ Holden selling products. Whether you're restoring a classic HZ or simply looking to upgrade your current model, we have everything you need to enhance its performance and style. Explore our high-quality selection below:

HZ Door Trims: Revitalize the interior of your HZ Holden with our meticulously crafted door trims. Designed to fit seamlessly, our door trims offer durability, style, and a perfect finishing touch for your vehicle.

Pinch Weld Seal: Ensure a tight and secure fit for your HZ Holden's doors with our top-grade pinch weld seals. These seals provide optimal protection against water, dust, and noise, while maintaining a sleek and professional appearance.

Headlining Finishing Strip: Achieve a polished look for your HZ Holden's headliner with our headlining finishing strip. Crafted with precision, this strip adds a touch of elegance to your vehicle's interior, while keeping the headlining securely in place.

Seat Belts: Safety should never be compromised. Upgrade your HZ Holden's seat belts with our reliable and compliant seat belt options. Ensure the protection of yourself and your passengers with our range of seat belt solutions.

Replacement Rubber Seals for Doors and Boots: Prevent leaks and maintain the integrity of your HZ Holden with our high-quality rubber seals for doors and boots. Designed to fit perfectly, these seals provide optimal weather resistance, ensuring a dry and comfortable ride.

Clips: Secure various components of your HZ Holden with our selection of durable clips. Whether you need clips for panels, trims, or other interior or exterior parts, we have the right options to keep everything in place.

Body Mount: Replace worn-out body mounts on your HZ Holden to improve stability and reduce vibrations. Our body mounts are built to withstand rigorous conditions and provide a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

Door Plugs: Complete the look of your HZ Holden by replacing missing or damaged door plugs. Our door plugs offer a seamless appearance while keeping dirt and debris out of the door cavities.

Bailey Channel: Enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your HZ Holden's windows with our bailey channels. These channels ensure smooth window operation and prevent water infiltration, all while adding a sleek and finished look.

Browse our comprehensive range of HZ Holden selling products and take your vehicle to the next level. Trust in our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction as you upgrade and maintain your HZ Holden with confidence.

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